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Requests for Proposals and Tenders

Council is responsible for ensuring that the Township of Lake of Bays obtains the best value for tax dollars spent. Securing the best services and products at the most competitive prices means that Council are constantly looking for qualified suppliers and encourages local business and industry participation.

The Corporation of the Township of Lake of Bays welcomes local interest in doing business. To help ensure the municipality makes the right choice among qualified suppliers a Request for Proposal/Tender (RFP/RFT) is the methodology to take competitive bids. Questions related to RFPs/RFTs should be directed to the contact named in the RFP/RFT as the municipality’s official contact.

Should you wish to obtain a proposal/tender package, please email and ensure you note the procurement bid number.


2018 Tax Sales

Property         Closing Date




2018 Requests for Proposals and Tenders
Procurement Bid Number Procurement Description Closing Date
2018-01 Purchase of One 2018 3.5 Cubic Yard Four Wheel Drive Loader  February 2, 2018
2018-02 Website Redesign and Development  February 9, 2018
2018-03 Purchase of One 2018 Tandem Combination Snowplow/Sander February 16, 2018

           Hired Equipment Rental for Roadside Mowing               (Three Year Term)

March 16, 2018

                   For the Supply of Screened Winter Sand                        (Four Year Term)

April 6, 2018

Notice of Request for Pre-Qualification

Design Build Contractors for Baysville Public Works Maintenance Garage Facility 

February 5, 2018

  Design Build Request for Proposals from the Pre-Qualifiers for the Baysville Public Works Maintenance Garage Facility

April 6, 2018

                       Township of Lake of Bays                                      Branding and Visual Identity              

February 27, 2018

   Purchase of a Full Sized Crew Cab, 4 X 4 One Ton Truck 

March 16, 2018
2018-10 Purchase and Installation of a New Freon Chiller March 28, 2018

Community Planning Permit By-law Review

March 28, 2018
2018-12 For the Supply & Placement of Aggregates May 4, 2018
2018-13                   Baysville East Dock Replacement &                                              Shelter Relocation  May 15, 2018

                          Zoning By-law Review                                  (Community Planning Permit System)

June 14, 2018
2018-15 For Garage One Paving July 20, 2018
2018-16 Computer Services Support August 30, 2018
2018-17 Billie Bear Bridge Guardrail Replacement August 24, 2018
2017 Request for Tenders, Quotations & Proposals

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