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Fire Department - Safety Tips

COOKING - #1 Cause of Home Fires. 

Cooking oil and grease are the major cause of residential fires in Canada.

Kitchen fires, due to cooking oil or grease catching, cause the fastest-spreading destruction of any kind of residential fire.



Do not leave cooking unattended. Do not wear loose clothing with long sleeves. Have your wood stove installed by a qualified installer.



Provide fire screens for fireplaces. Provide sufficient electrical outlets for your needs. If there are smokers in your home, check the furniture for fallen cigarettes or embers before your leave the room.



When clothes are ironed, ensure the plug is pulled when finished. Check electrical appliances for safe operation. e.g. Electric blankets. Never smoke in the bedroom.



Remove all unnecessary combustibles. Have your furnace and chimney and flue connections checked for leaks and clean the furnace at least once a year. Remove flammable liquids from the house. Never store gasoline in basements, or other confined areas.



Most contain flammable materials such as thinners, gasoline, paints and industrial cleaners. They should be properly covered, stored neatly and kept from ignition sources such as space heaters. Keep your workshop free of combustibles like papers and wood shavings and oil rags.


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